"My daughter experienced her first summer school last year and she could not have been happier during her stay. She was taught by exceptional teachers in a warm and stimulating environment. One of the unique features of the Dunsford course is the balance between the challenges of the work during the dance sessions and the social activities in the breaks and evenings. The children had fun in the pool, played field games on the green, and of course enjoyed a party in the hall. The final showcase for friends and families was a celebration of joy, displaying the achievements of the very special days the students spent at Dunsford. " MELANIE DENNIG (PARENT)  


I thought this day ran really well, and I enjoyed it so much! I thoroughly enjoyed the lessons . It  had so much variety in it, and everyone got on really well, and I feel that the course got off to a great start! =]
Great Day ! Really tiring but great fun! Especially the can can! tehe Everyone is so friendly and you couldn't ask for anything else while your over at the hall! Friends, lovely teachers, great dances ! Also, now we all know each other a bit better! (which is good)!
Lovely Day! So much fun (very tiring) but just so many things are going on, you never get bored and there is always something new just around the corner in the next lesson ! The party was the best! Showing off all of our tricks !
Really Good day! One of the best! It was just so relaxed and not as busy and the other days! I just gave us a bit of a break !
In particular I enjoyed taking the photos up on the stage, and doing the pas de deux! Just great!
The performance was really good as we got to show our parents how much fun we had been having throughout the week! Also, we got to show how hard we had worked to learn all the dances and to perform them all with a smile on our faces!

Course Feedback
I am just speechless who knew we could do so much in 5 days ! Well done Layla, you did it again!
Overall, the course really put dancing into perspective for me, as it doesn't matter how flexible you are or how high you can get your leg( well it does matter, but you know what i mean) hehe , you just need to perform well and show that you are passionate for dancing! Basically HAVE FUN! LEANNE JACKMAN (STUDENT)

"Thankyou very much for helping me during this week it helped me become more confident and i enjoyed all the classes and making new friends. The teachers were all amazing and it was very good working with all the proffessional dancers. It was a great experience and i cant wait to come back again." (Jo Thorpe, student 2008)

"It was great fun. You learn lots of new things. It's so much fun doing your own choreography. The best bit was the show especially doing the
can-can! And I loved all the animals!"
 Abigail Aleksander (student 2008) 

"I enjoyed my week at Dunsford and especially making new friends,different types of dance and I loved the animals.also the yummy food!!!" Chanelle Guy, Student 2006 & 2007.

"It was a wonderful experience i met new friends the teachers were brilliant i loved the animals specialy posy the dog with her superman outfit and we also had the best fish and chips in the world i cant wait till august when we can do it all again." Maddison Willmott, Student 2006, 2007, 2008 & 2009.

"I loved the summer school last year and I'm definitely coming again this year! I've told my friend and she is coming too!  I loved everything about DPASC, the other students,  sharing a dorm (and keeping it tidy!), all of the classes and best of all the guest teachers!!!  I can't wait for this summer and for added satisfaction we get an extra day! Woop woop! I'm really excited and can't wait!!!!" Isabella Johnson-Ewers, Student 2007 & 2008. 

"Dear Layla, Thank you so much for all the hardwork and effort that you put into the summer course.  I had a great time and it was a fantastic experience.  I made a lot of new friends and the faculty were really good and made the classes very enjoyable. I can't wait to come back again next year. (Elizabeth Thorpe, student 2008)